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Map of Labour Land


¨When we consciously adventure into the landscape of birth, we learn to be present and we discover more about our role on this planet.¨ -Laurien Baart

Come, and adventure with me; Welcome to ‘Labour land’. This map is an invitation to explore the journey of giving birth and figuring out how you want to bring your baby into this world. A drawing for a journey of exploration which helps you to prepare, and become more conscious about the choices you make. A guide to give birth in a way that is aligned with your values and your heart. A free and loving birth.

Bringing ‘Labour Land’ into form happened while I was doing the visualisation practice ‘explore the landscape of your business’ of the course Become Your Own Business Advisor of Hiro Boga. The landscape of ‘the Wild and Free Society’ by Lou Niestadt also inspired me to create this map.

May the ‘Map of Labour Land’ remind you that you carry this awesome natural creative power of your female body. It’s my deepest wish that it empowers you to reclaim your inner knowing and wisdom of your body. So that you can bring your love, creativity and power into the world, to form it with your presence, your heART and your stories. More than anything, I want this for myself and my children; I want it for all of you; I want it for mother Earth.

With love,

Laurien Baart


P.S. If you feel that the ‘Map of Labour Land’ would serve your sisters, daughters, mothers, cousins, friends, community, midwives, doulas, (yoga) teachers, nurses and doctors, please share it with them.

Mentor with Lau

What will you do for your creative dreams?

This question was an instant ‘fire-starter’ for me. In 2018 I started my own business without knowing exactly what it was that I was going to do and without having a solid business plan. I knew, however, that I wanted to do something with creativity, drawing and being of service to help shape a world of creativity, love, peace and harmony.

By giving myself permission to explore this desire and go on an adventure. By giving myself time to grow and try different things. But most importantly, by giving myself permission to play, have fun and receive support my business is now growing. This is a beautiful and natural process unfolding and it’s there for you too. 


Do you feel inspired by my story? Do you also have a deep feeling of wanting to go on an adventure and surf the waves of your life? Would you love to enrich your life and the lives of many others by creating from your heART? In a way so that comes naturally to you?

If so, perhaps you’re doubting where to start and how to change. Perhaps you even think it’s too late to make any changes to your life. Or perhaps you know exactly what you want, but you find it hard to bring your beautiful and creative plans into practice.

Laurien Baart

From my experiences as a pedagogue, teacher, mother, surfer and artist, I learned that following your (creative) dreams brings happiness, joy and fulfillment, and that it’s never too late to make a change. I also know that receiving support in the process is essential.

I’d be honored to go surfing with you in ‘the ocean of change’ and see you catch the waves of your life.

If you’re interested and think that I’m the right person to help you click here to read more:

Yes, I want to read more about Mentoring with Laurien

I look forward to catching waves with you!

Laurien Baart
Laurien Baart






Celebrating creativity


Do you ever speak about your creative projects with others? Wouldn’t it be nice to speak positively with others about the value of our creative sides?

When it comes to our creations we tend to say ¨Oh you know, it’s not that good.¨ ¨Oh, it’s so easy to do, everybody can do that.¨ ¨Oh I know a person who’s REALLY good at this.¨ 

I know that I say these things because I grew up with the idea that drawing and making art is just a hobby. However, on my current route to find my truth I wonder: what if my (he)ART could support my life? 

I believe that everybody deserves to be encouraged in the direction of their own creative dreams. When we respect creativity in ourselves and in others we celebrate life to the fullest.

Creativity opens doors to happiness, joy, open minds and playfulness!

We all have our own beliefs about creativity and artists. With saying things casually like: ¨Oh, I’m not so artistic¨ to our friends or children we fall into a trap. Because when we say things like this we tell others that there’s a thing as ¨not being creative¨. Which is far from the truth.

YOU are creative, you’ve always been. 

Being conscious about the words you choose when you talk about artists and creativity is a constructive way. You’ll cultivate optimism, an open mind, playfulness and tons of fun. This is the reason why I organize creative retreats and the ‘mama heART café’ with all my enthusiasm and love.

Let me know if you’d like to celebrate your creative side with me! 

Laurien Baart


Believe in magic

Laurien Baart

What were your creative plans before you had to make a living? What dreams did you have before you became responsible for others?

Let me guess; you’d be a painter, a dancer, a photographer, a goldsmith, a writer or a musician.

You felt so alive. Bursting with creative energy and ideas. Feeling inspired and unstoppable. You were (and still are!) a beautiful little bundle of pure joy, energy and confidence.

Along the way, that inner creative fire slowly died. But you know what? It only needs one tiny magical spark. And that’s possible for everyone! You can choose to rewrite your future life story. If you decide to do things differently from this very moment on.

You are and you belong.

Decide to reclaim your what’s truly yours. Your creativity is your unique voice and when you use it, magic will happen. Don’t just sit and wait for it to happen though. It’s in the action and in the doing where you’ll feel those sparks of inspiration, passion and joy.

Which stories of the past are you letting go? How will you rewrite your future life story?


Laurien Baart

Am I ready to leave the house?


All the things you need to think of before you get to leave your home with a baby is just…

That’s why, my dear sisters, I created this roadmap for myself as a (breastfeeding) mama and I’m happy to share it with you!

Please, send this page to a mom friend, a mama sister or a mom colleague and spread the love. It’ll make her smile and give her that extra bit of confidence before she leaves the house with her little monkey(s).

Lots of love,

Laurien Baart


Dating a creative type

¨One of the basic tools of The Artist’s Way is the Artist Date: a once- weekly, solo effort to do something fun, and alone. An Artist Date is not meant to be high art. It’s simply to take yourself out on a ‘date’ that sounds like an adventure you would enjoy. ¨ From the book the Artist’s way for parents by Julia Cameron.

Last year I worked through Julia Cameron’s ¨El camino del Artista¨ and going on an Artist Date became part of my weekly routine: I went on solo surf and swim sessions, strolled along markets,  shopped in second-hand shops, watched movies, spent time in bookshops, the library and attended a workshop. As a new mom I want to set the stage for enthusiasm and go on creative adventures with my son. Getting to know him, discovering what mom I am and how I want to be as a mom are part of the journey. Now that he’s so little our dates are more ‘mini Artist Dates’ but that’s just fine.

When we were in San Sebastián we visited the (free) exhibition ¨Berenice Abbott’s Topografías¨ at Tabakalera and I made this journal page. As I was with Erwin I didn´t have much time, however, even half an hour looking at art inspired me.


Artist date Laurien Baart


I hope you’ll try to go on an Artist date too! I’m excited for you as for me it connects me to myself more than anything.


Laurien Baart

P.S. If you’re an artist or you just want to start looking for a more creative way of living I can recommend Julia Cameron’s book the Artist’s way.

Tiny book of big dreams


A tiny book still in the making but oh my, creating this one is just so much fun.

It all started with a pop-up birthday card for my three-year-old nephew. Because I wanted to look at the card too I decided to create a tiny book of all the minis in my life as a memory of them being so cute.

We adults fantasize about what our children are going to be and do when they’re older. This tiny book’s also a reminder that everyone has his OWN dreams and desires in life.

With love,

Laurien Baart

Where have you been?

Lately, I was in baby- and breastfeedingwonderland. Here are some of my journal pages of my first weeks as a mama. Full of all the things. We’ve been sharing our lives for seven weeks with our wee man and so far they’ve been the best, most beautiful and most intens!








My life with baby Erwin is at times overwhelming and I need to do some things that I love so I’ve been drawing almost every day (a shower, coffee and a green smoothie are also part of the package:). The drawings don’t always turn out the way I want but done’s better than perfect…

If you had to think of some small things that don’t take a lot of time but give you an energy boost. What’d they be? 

Laurien Baart

You are everything


This is a precious one as I drew it for our son Erwin, who was born on the 6th of October.

I love the idea of having a spirit animal and for Erwin I choose the seagull and the whale. Spirit animals are believed to represent skills that you want to learn or that you have, they symbolise who you are or who you want to be. They also guide, help and protect.

All right, back to the seagull and the whale; The seagull is fearless and a born survivor. It’s a spiritual messenger that connects different worlds (wind and water).  A seagull also tells you to trust your instincts and that there are many perspectives to consider. It shows us to expand the horizon and go where opportunities are. It’s said that whales are a symbol of the world. Whales stand for compassion, solitude, inner truth, creative energy. Whales communicate clearly from the heart.

So I mixed this with the elements, nature, vivid colours et voilà.

I think the idea of having a spirit animal is beautiful. Do you have a spirit animal too? 

A big hug,


The magical nine

Laurien Baart

Nine months ago we started our biggest adventure and now we’re getting closer and closer to meeting our little baby. I was reflecting on the last nine, crazy, miraculous months. Apart from being pregnant, we moved countries, I started B-School, I created and launched my website and we made a new home. A little note to self here; next time try one life event at a time 😉

Life changes constantly and pregnancy is a very special time of transformation and growth.They say you ¨grow into it¨ and I think that’s about right. It inspired me to draw these nine matryoshka dolls. They nestle inside each other perfectly, yet each one’s different.


While I created these magical nine my thoughts were with my mama and her mama, my sisters, my girlfriends, my aunties and all the (want) (to be) mamas.

When you look at the drawings please send some loving thoughts too!