Feeling blocked, stressed or uninspired? Take a break! When you do something fun, BAM,  inspiration will hit. Always. So give that beautiful brain of yours a break. You’ll see that a healthy and rested brain takes your creative ideas to the next level!

Here are 5 suggestions for relaxation that’ll boost your creativity:

  1. Take a bath. Don’t forget to light a candle and add some sea-salt or essential oils!

2. Listen to your favourite music and sing out loud. Music lifts your soul!

3. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and read a book. There’s nothing like it!

4. Immerse yourself in nature and its colours. Simply go outside, take a walk and soak up the sunlight.

5. Do some exercise like running, dancing, walking, yoga or swimming. Movement helps you to get out of your head and stimulate new thoughts.

From my heART to yours,


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