Nazaré is a place in Portugal world famous for its giant waves. The waves are bigger than 20m (!) and there are big waves surfing competition being held every year. This week the Nazaré challenge world surf league took place.

I find it so fascinating that people surf those massive waves. Even though the surfers are very experienced I cannot imagine how they’re able to overcome the fear. I’ve been out in the ocean in waves that were too big or me to surf and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. The fear kept me save and told me my limit had been reached. Go big or go home? Home please!

Fear is natural. We all know that voice that’s telling us that it isn’t comfortable with something or simply that it’s just not ready for what’s coming. Whether it’s surfing big waves or putting your creative work out in the world.

I surfed on the internet and I found three tips from the famous surf writer Nick Carroll to ‘reset the system’. These three things will get you out of the ‘fear loop’ and give yourself a chance to see the situation clearly again. I think that these tips are also relevant for creative processes.

Three things you can try to overcome fear:

  1. Share your fear and talk to others about what spooks you.
  2. Concentrate on your breathing. Take 10 deep breaths and feel what it does to you.
  3. Try it, do it anyway! Catch that wave! This is the fastest way to freedom. Enjoy whatever it is with a fearless and open heart. Consider this: A wipe out is even better than a frozen and stuck position as it makes you feel alive.

I wish you all the courage that you need,



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