When you’re walking the creative path, you find joys and challenges, whether you paint, write, sing, draw, plan new adventures, take photos, set up a business or create a plan for your new kitchen.

To me, one of the delights is meeting new people and trying new things to help me find my style. Lately, I’ve been very excited about trying out new techniques and meeting up with two very inspiring women that have something in common: Letter Love!

I met my friend Vivian Welling in her beautiful house in Wortel (Belgium). We hung out in her studio ‘Viefelavief’ where she showed me how to work with a letter press. I’m in love with the results and possibilities! Vivian creates one of a kind notebooks and uses paper leftovers. You can follow Viefelavief on Instagram and her website is coming soon.

IMG 5948       Lau     Travel journal

I’ve also been practising hand lettering in ‘Letter journal’, a book by Karlijn van de Wier (the Dutch hand letter legend). I joined her book presentation and workshop, during which she gave me some tips on how to improve my lettering. They worked and I’m really surprised how much better my letters look! On her website you can find information about her online workshop, and of course I recommend her book 100% (in Dutch).

Lau     Karlijn van de wier     Lau

Lau      IMG 6056      Lau

Trying something new can spark your inspiration and can give you a boost to continue with what you were doing.

Do you have an example of something that lifted your creativity? 



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