Laurien Baart

Nine months ago we started our biggest adventure and now we’re getting closer and closer to meeting our little baby. I was reflecting on the last nine, crazy, miraculous months. Apart from being pregnant, we moved countries, I started B-School, I created and launched my website and we made a new home. A little note to self here; next time try one life event at a time 😉

Life changes constantly and pregnancy is a very special time of transformation and growth.They say you ¨grow into it¨ and I think that’s about right. It inspired me to draw these nine matryoshka dolls. They nestle inside each other perfectly, yet each one’s different.


While I created these magical nine my thoughts were with my mama and her mama, my sisters, my girlfriends, my aunties and all the (want) (to be) mamas.

When you look at the drawings please send some loving thoughts too!



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