Isn’t it frustrating to wait? Well, not if you bring something to draw!  Over a month I turned daily moments of waiting into something meaningful and captured them in this tiny book. It was also shown at the art-exhibition 12cm in Pasaia (Spain) and Hendaya (France).

book of waiting 1 1

Click here to watch the Video: the tiny book of waiting- el librito de la espera. My dear friend Cristina wrote the subtitles in Spanish (she has an amazing blog about cultural interchange and food so click here if you’re interested).

This is my favourite page of the book; waiting for waves. When you’re surfing you spend time in the ocean looking at the horizon for the waves to come. They come and go and it’s a matter of waiting for the right one. The thing is though, how do you know if it’s the one? Well, until you’ve tried!

surf art

Working on this project made me realise that we spend so much time of our lives waiting; waiting to create, waiting to make, waiting to do, waiting to know, waiting to start, waiting for the right moment… But hey, this is it!



What are YOU waiting for? Is there something that you really want to do, make or have? What’s holding you back?


cropped Lau written

PS. I’ve also created a Spotify Playlist “What are you waiting for?” with songs about… Yes you’ve guessed it; waiting!

Oh and if you have a friend, colleague or someone close to you that is waiting. Please share this blogpost. It might be the tiny spark that they need to start chasing their dream!

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