The truest story of your life is found in the every day moments shared with the people that matter the most to you. And THAT’s a story worth sharing.

Lau Lau  Lau  Lau

I illustrated such a beautiful story by creating a Tiny Book of Life for a friend whose husband passed away. It’s a pocket size, hand-illustrated memory book about the life of her loved one. The process of making a Tiny Book of Life has been a way to get in touch with feelings and to connect with others. It also provided an opportunity to talk about life and all the great memories.

This is what she said about the Tiny Book of Life: “For a while now, I’m carrying a Tiny Book of Life in my purse wherever I go. It’s a little book with beautiful drawings made with love! As Laurien needed our input for the drawings, the process of creating the little book wasn’t always easy because memories came up and this made me feel sad, happy and grateful. Talking with Laurien did me well and choosing treasures  (the most precious memories) for the drawings helped me in my process of grieving. I especially appreciate her patience and time.” Lia, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

In this short video you can see the result. This Tiny Book is in Dutch and I anonymized some names and dates for privacy reasons.

A tiny book of life:

  • tells the story of a lifetime;
  • makes memories last;
  • is a personal gift;
  • is tiny so you can keep it with you;
  • helps you to connect with your feelings;
  • can help you to share stories about your loved one;
  • is an ode to life;

Lots of love,


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  1. Margreeth zegt:

    Oh Laurien wat een beauty, zowel het boekje als het idee en het verhaal! wat een mooi idee als dienst voor anderen!! zeker uitwerken!

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