What’d happen if we freestyled a bit more in life and let go of our expectations?

Laurien Baart

Here’s a little surf inspired story: One day while I was getting out of the water I found a surfboard on the shore with a broken leash. I looked around for its owner and just when I started to worry I spotted someone waving at me. Apart from the broken leash there was something else about the surfboard that caught my eye: it didn’t have fins.

Fins allow you to control your board in the water. Without them it’s way harder to manoeuvre the surfboard. Curiously, I asked the owner what’d happened. He told me that he’d been surfing for years and that one time by accident the fins of his board broke. Instead of fixing the fins he paddled out again and discovered, against all odds, that surfing finless was loads of fun!

I think this is such a great example to illustrate that it’s important to let go of the expectations that we have. You might already (think that you) know that something’s impossible. That it won’t work… But. What if you knew that you’d be fine no matter what the outcome would be? Would you try?

With this message I hope you’ll give one of your (creative) ideas a try: Failure is an experience, it won’t make you less worthy as a person.



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