A drawing can tell more than photos because imagination can take you everywhere. So does this illustration, it comes with a beautiful story that moved me and that I’d like to share with you.


A couple of weeks ago I got contacted through my website with the question whether I would try to illustrate someone’s dream, as a memory of a person she loved. It sounded very interesting and I’d never done it before so of course I wanted to know more about it, curious as I am…

So, I got another email in which she told me that her dad passed away, about a year ago after being very ill for a long time. He was surrounded by his loved ones and went peacefully.  A couple of days later her mom got a phone call. One of the neighbours had a dream on the night that her dad died: He was woken up by the sound of the trombone. When he looked out of his window he saw his neighbour cycling around in the street and playing out loud on his trombone in the middle of the night waking up todo el mundo. After a while he cycled away.

Her dad was passionate about playing the trombone. He loved playing it so much that he would miss out on birthday parties regularly because he was rehearsing with the brass band.

I’m so grateful that I was asked to make this illustration. It reminds me that if you live your life doing the things you love that’s how you’ll be remembered. I hope that sharing this story will inspire people to think about how they live their life, what really matters to them, and what they love.

Please get in touch with me if you want a custom LAU illustration about a dream or an image that represents something important to you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Big love,


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