This is a precious one as I drew it for our son Erwin, who was born on the 6th of October.

I love the idea of having a spirit animal and for Erwin I choose the seagull and the whale. Spirit animals are believed to represent skills that you want to learn or that you have, they symbolise who you are or who you want to be. They also guide, help and protect.

All right, back to the seagull and the whale; The seagull is fearless and a born survivor. It’s a spiritual messenger that connects different worlds (wind and water).  A seagull also tells you to trust your instincts and that there are many perspectives to consider. It shows us to expand the horizon and go where opportunities are. It’s said that whales are a symbol of the world. Whales stand for compassion, solitude, inner truth, creative energy. Whales communicate clearly from the heart.

So I mixed this with the elements, nature, vivid colours et voilà.

I think the idea of having a spirit animal is beautiful. Do you have a spirit animal too? 

A big hug,


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  1. Tessie Lijbaart zegt:

    Wauw!! Lau.. Erwin is blessed with the two of you as his parents and with those beautiful spirit animals…love it!!!

  2. Patricia Colsen-Kroes zegt:

    Lieve Laurien, fijn dat het allemaal goed gaat. Wat zullen jullie genieten wat een mooie gedachten hierboven. Het is een prachtige mix van vaardigheden en dromen kunnen vaak mogelijkheden worden, als je er in gelooft.

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